Tips for Travelling to Vietnam

Known as the jewel of South East Asia, Vietnam has finally opened the doors to tourists and there is much to offer the foreign traveller in this unique country. There are several climates and environments from mountains, lush jungle and some of the best beaches on the planet and with that in mind, if you are planning a trip to Vietnam, here are a few tips.

  • Prepare for the climate – May through October sees the monsoon season, when it isn’t just hot, it is wet also. Rubber sandals are advised and don’t be surprised to see flashfloods in cities like Saigon, which only last a short while. It is sunny all year round so don’t forget effective sunscreen, especially on the coast, where it is easy to end with painful sunburn. Light cotton shorts and pants are ideal for the tropical weather.
  • Book your Accommodation Online – You would be forgiven for thinking it is cheaper to simply turn up at the hotel, which is not the case. Online booking saves you money and here is an ideal choice, khách sạn ở sàigòn where you can enjoy 5-star luxury at affordable prices. If you love Saigon and plan on extending your stay, you can keep the same suite.
  • Local Food – Of course, the cuisine is a big part of the experience and when looking at street food, go to the busy vendors, for obvious reasons. If the locals eat there, you know it is good and avoid drinking water from the tap, as this can lead to an upset tummy and if you buy fruit or vegetables, wash them in water before consuming.
  • Getting Lost – This could be a problem anywhere that is new to you and with many locals unable to speak English, you should make a habit of putting a few of the hotel business cards in your top pocket and just show it to the taxi or Tuk-Tuk driver. The Internet hosts a wealth of information and you can research all aspects of Vietnam to help you gain an insight into their culture.
  • Local Currency – Vietnam is still a cash-based society and many establishments don’t take credit cards, so you are advised to change $50 a time at an exchange booth, asking for some small denomination notes. Remember the approximate value of each note, lest you make an error that could cost you dearly.

If you approach the trip with an open mind and do some online research, you should enjoy amazing experience travelling around Vietnam.

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