The Most Popular Amritsari Kulcha Shops for a Hearty Meal

One thing that Amritsar can promise you is good food around any corner! Even for just a weekend, visiting Amritsar can be one of the most heartwarming experiences. The city is colloquially known as Ambarsar and is the holiest place for Sikhs, with over 30 million people visiting it every year for pilgrimage. Amritsar is also home to Harmandir Sahib, which is globally known as the Golden Temple. Although a Guwahati to Bagdogra flight can be much shorter, it will definitely be worth your time once to fly to Amritsar to try their special Amritsari Kulcha.

Here’s a look at the must-visit Amritsari Kulcha shops in the city.

Pahelwaan Kulcha

Pehlwaan Kulche Wala is located in Nimak Mandi and serves one of the best Amritsari Kulchas. The kulchas are stuffed with different vegetables and are made only to order. The kulchas just melt in your mouth. They are loaded with pure desi ghee and complemented with chole, which together combine for a heavenly gastronomic experience.

Jaan Nutri Kulcha

This eatery is located near DAV College and is one-of-a-kind. These kulchas are made with nutri-nugget, which is a form of soyabean. Loaded with butter, homely herbs and spices, the dish is usually paired with lassi or chaach for a more wholesome and rustic feel. Your mouth will be left with a buttery and velvety texture after.

Kulcha Land

Instead of getting those flight tickets from Mumbai to Kochi, why not visit Amritsar this time? Kulcha Land is located right opposite a major shopping center, which makes it one of the most visited kulcha places in Amritsar. The kulchas here are baked and filled with flavorsome stuffing, complemented with a tall glass of lassi.

Monu Kulcha Hut

Located on Lokhara Road, this eatery offers kulchas that are amazingly crisp and have a thick coating of butter all over them. What makes these kulchas even more appealing are the additions of chana curry and onion chutney. At Monu Kulcha Hut, the kulchas are paired with  mango lassi instead of chaach, but is flavourful nonetheless.


This one is located on the Amritsar highway and boy does it live up to its name! With a royal vibe, it will completely live up to your expectation of a “haveli.” This place offers a variety of kulchas and you can complement your kulchas with a curry or lassi/chaach. Though it might be a little toward the expensive side, it will truly give you the authentic taste of Amritsar.

Don’t these mouthwatering dishes make you feel like visiting Amritsar right away? Well, what’s stopping you? This could be your perfect weekend getaway with friends or family. Also, another thing Ambarsar is known for is its manufacturing industry for wooden chess boards and pieces. So, you can take back some great souvenirs too. So, book your flight tickets from Delhi to Amritsar and live this experience soon.

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