Preparing for A Trip to Bangkok

The enticing nature of Bangkok has attracted a lot of people to the region. Can you imagine that more than 20 million people visited the city in 2017? What a stunner; it goes to show that Thailand’s capital has what it takes to woo people. If you want to have a taste of what the country’s cultural landscape feels like, just visit its capital for two or three days. That should do the trick.

Getting into Bangkok isn’t that much of a big deal. A flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok is a relatively short one. Nonetheless, when you’re on a leisure trip, you’d want every moment of your vacation to be a pleasurable one. Consider flying with Cathay Pacific if you’ve never flown with them before. They’re the real deal when it comes to matters style and convenience.

Every place has the good, the bad, and the ugly; Bangkok included. Before saying I Do to visit this marvelous city, you should get to know what you’ll be walking into. Having a mental expectation goes a long way in helping you ready yourself for what you’ll encounter in a foreign land. People get offended for so many reasons in life; one major reason for that would be wrongful expectations. One thing is certain, in your entire trip to whatever place, you’ll run into situations that wouldn’t be that pleasant. Take a look at some of these red flags before taking your long-awaited trip to Bangkok.

Bookings and Reservations

There’s nothing as painful as traveling all the way to your destination just to have your rooms taken or double booked. Yeah, that happens a lot. Especially if you use third-party booking sites. Inasmuch as they have redefined the way people operate nowadays, there’s also an element of risk when using them. One common example is finding out the distance variation between what was presented on the site, and where the actual accommodation is. If you really need to use a third party booking site, referring to a friend won’t be a bad idea. However, always take caution when using such platforms. Another good alternative would be engaging the hotels directly through their main website. Airbnb is also there should you be open to it.

Know Your Prices

The second thing you should be aware of is being ripped off while in the city. Tourism is a sector that every country benefits from. Even though being charged differently as a tourist isn’t necessarily a bad thing, being overcharged when buying goods is a whole different story. You have to be cognizant that some locals would want to overcharge the prices of the commodities they’re selling simply because you are a tourist. Here’s how you’d counter that; upon knowing the areas that you’re likely to visit, do a rough check of the prices of products around those areas. The internet would be a great resource to help you with that. You can also go ahead and look for souvenirs that you’d want to return with from your trip. You’ll notice that by doing so, you’d be left with plenty of cash to spare or play with.

Watch Out

For first-time visitors, this city might appear rough, paced, and busy. After a couple of visits, you’ll start liking Bangkok’s mien. There’s always a lot of advantages that go along with big cities; great development, plenty of opportunities, the beautiful city lifestyle as well as predators – unfortunately. Looking out for yourself should always be your top priority, especially now that you’ll be in a new place. Losing your belongings such as cash or travel documents can be an unpleasant experience. Therefore, always exercise caution when you go to places like markets that are usually packed. Many tourists have reported cases of their bags being snatched or suffered in the hands of pickpockets.

When you want to roam the streets of Bangkok, ensure you carry cash that is just enough for that particular excursion. Also, have a small bag to pack the essentials. Carrying it in front would also be a wise idea; it would make it harder for any opportuniststo take advantage of you.

Something that goes in these same lines is taxi drivers. Try to ask several drivers in order to know the average pricing to a place before taking one.

If you observe the above indicators, rest assured that your trip to Bangkok will be a safe and extraordinary excursion.

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