An Easy Guide To Exploring Copenhagen – All You Need To Know!

No matter whether you are someone seeking the unknown in a new city, or a regular tourist who wants to take back nice photos of iconic sights, Copenhagen is the place to be. As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is famed for the right reasons. It has incredible castles, palaces, amusement parks, and museums, and at the same time, you can spend a weekend here doing nothing but enjoying beer and Nordic cuisine. We have enlisted some of the best experiences that you must try in Copenhagen.

Basic tips

Copenhagen, like most part of Scandinavia, is not cheap. However, we would still recommend that you check for hotel Copenhagen apartments, instead of standard hotels. These rental apartments offer the best value for money, and you will find some amazing choices in Østerbro district. Also, when you arrive at the airport, ask for the Copenhagen Card, which offers entry to over 80 sights and attractions, besides free access to public transport. This is also a bike-friendly city, so if you have the fitness, take a GPS-enabled bike and get around. In Denmark, you are allowed to drink beer as you walk along, so that’s an advantage.

Make your list of to-dos

While there are many things to do in Copenhagen¸ we would recommend the following-

  • Tivoli Garden – 2nd oldest amusement park in the world
  • Rosenborg Castle – Among the prettiest castles in Denmark
  • Nyhavn – Historic waterfront area with amazing bars, cafes and restaurants
  • Papirøen – Also called the Paper Island, this is an ideal local food market
  • Carlsberg – The ultimate brewery tour awaits you!
  • Bakken – The oldest operating amusement park in the world
  • Stroget – A perfect pedestrial shopping mall with some of the best brands and labels on sale
  • Freetown Christiana – The hippie, car-free part of the city with great public art on display
  • Rundetaarn – Take a view of the city from the iconic Round Tower
  • National Museum – Know the history of the country
  • Christiansborg Palace – Another iconic palace on every traveler’s list.

Other things to know

Copenhagen is best traveled in a planned way. Some places, such as the amusement parks, can take a long day, so ensure that you have enough time in hand. If you are here, you must also consider trying Nordic cuisine, which is all about seasonal, fresh and local produce. Not to forget, do grab a hotdog on the go, because Danish people love their breads.

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