5 Best Beaches in Southeast Asia for Budget Travelers

Southeast Asia beaches can also be your dream holiday destination as they have a lot of picturesque beaches and islands just like the Caribbean. Usually, vacations in beaches in Southeast Asia will cost cheaper. You’ll be able to easily find cheap accommodation from boutique hotels and cheap food from a hawker stall. The following are the top 5 cheap beach vacations in Southeast Asia.

  • Bai Truong

Bai Truong, also known as Long Beach, is the longest beach in Phu Quoc, Cambodia.  The beach is almost 30km long spanning from Dinh Cau temple to Duong Dong. The backdrop is a grassy stretch with coconut trees and bushes. In this area, you will find a lot of hotels and restaurants. The large size of the beach means you will be able to easily find a spot. The water near the beach is shallow and ideal for children to swim. It is also a great spot for watching the sunset. The beach is only cleaned up by the resorts during peak season.

  • Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach is a several km long sandy beach that is equipped with a paved walkway in Nha Trang, Vietnam. The beach provides amenities like shower, toilets, and exercise equipment for the tourists. There is sufficient ocean wave for carrying out windsurfing activity. The ocean frequently has big waves which make it dangerous to swim. You can find shopping centers and other shops nearby. In the morning, people are selling fresh coconut water on the benches. People are coming to the beach to sell paintings every day.

  • Haad Rin Nok Beach

Haad Rin Nok Beach, also known as Full Moon Beach, is a lively beach with white and soft sand in Koh Phangan Thailand. The left part of the Haad Rin Nok beach is suitable for swimming. The right part has many longtail boats anchor so it is not suitable for swimming. You can hire one of the longtail boats to explore the water. There are onsite restaurants that offer refreshments and fire show. It used to be full of rubbish before but they have cleaned it up. Now, you can find trash cans every few meters along the stretch of the beach.

  • White Beach

White Beach is a 3km long beach with white sand and lots of palm trees in Boracay, Philippines. The clean soft sand is suitable for kids to play. The water on the beach is also clean. There is no more jet ski to block your ocean view like before. Lots of hawkers line up along the beach every day. There are CCTV and patrols so you may feel safe when spending your time on the beach. There are lots of vendors going around trying to sell their stuff to the tourists. The vendors sell various kinds of items including souvenirs, spa, and food.

  • Cenang Beach

Cenang Beach is an expansive beach with white sands and crystal clear water on Langkawi Island in Malaysia. At Cenang Beach, you can visit the Underwater World Langkawi beside the zone duty-free shopping center. The aquarium offers exhibition on over 200 marine species. Nearby, you can visit the Rice Garden Museum where you get to view rice plantation and other exhibitions related to rice cultivation in Langkawi. You can participate in Jet Ski tour on the island. The freshwater is suitable for swimming, and boating. You can also hike along the trek in the mountain jungle.

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